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Germs on their Fingers
Grandmother's Alligator
Girl Who Didn't Mind
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Girl Who DIdn't Mind
Caileag A Bha Coma

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Journey through the ups and downs of one highly teachable soul at odds with the world around her. See how a connected Mom rescues her unconventional child from the depths of despair over being different. Mystical watercolors take you into the world of a girl who doesn't fit but doesn't quit! Translated by a native Gaelic speaker, this English/Gaelic title provides a bilingual experience without distracting from the story or creating language confusion. From Celtic knots to golden locks, this two-books-in-one MAMADRAMA is an uplifting, whimsical story for free spirits of all ages!

Author Wendy Wakefield Ferrin, M.S.
Gifted Education consultant, past president of the Tennessee Association for the Gifted, Founding Director of The SOPE Project (www.sope.net). Her professional experience includes extensive non-traditional program development for parents, schools, colleges and organizations dealing with the needs of gifted children. (www.wendywakefieldferrin.com)
Illustrator Beverly Ashley Broyles, M.S.

Translator Donald Mcdonald, native Gaelic speaking translator

Hardcover $17.95
64 pages, four-color, all ages English/Gaelic

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