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Germs on their Fingers
Grandmother's Alligator
Girl Who Didn't Mind
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Germs on their Fingers!
¡Gérmenes en tus manos!

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book benefits
The SOPE Project (http://www.sope.net)

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A brightly illustrated, bilingual book that teaches children of all ages to wash their hands while encouraging divergent thinking and modeling community leadership.
  • A Mom decides in her sleep which worry to keep ... Germs on their fingers. Germs one can't see. Those germs that linger, that won't let us be.

  • A unique "bubblequest" format that stimulates children and parents (or teachers) to engage in provocative discussions... What fruit did you eat today? When do you do your thinking?

  • Two books in one!
A parent/teacher activity guide with a bilingual audio CD is available with this title. Teaching the healthy habit of handwashing is do-able! Use this title to create a successful educational experience that gives confidence to both the educator and the student! This title is appropriate for the home and classroom, especially to be used by health educators and guidance counselors for a wide range of grade levels.

Author Wendy Wakefield Ferrin
M.S., Gifted Education, past president of the Tennessee Association for the Gifted, educational consultant and Founder of the SOPE Project (www.sope.net).

Illustrator Beverly Ashley Broyles
M.S., Art Education, art museum Curator of Education, began illustrating children's books more than 20 years ago.

Translator Lucia Tono
Ph.D., Anthropology

"...belongs in every daycare and school in the country! I read this and immediately went to wash my hands."

-- K. Rochelle, NH

"What a cute way to teach that germs can be good or bad! I love the illustrations..."

-- S. Barker, KY

64 pages, four-color,
all ages
ISBN# 0-9703632-1-4
ISBN# 0-9703632-0-6
Guide with Audio CD
ISBN# 0-9703632-4-9
Audio CD $4.00

"This enchanting educational experience communicates to children of all ages the importance of washing their hands. The rhythmic prose is a delight to read; the illustrations are bright and bold, and questions in bubbles -- a "bubblequest", engage readers throughout the book. It's the first of its kind in heightening multicultural awareness; read the book from front to middle, and it's in English; flip it over and read it back to middle, it's in Spanish! By asking the reader to decide upon which worry your action should take, Germs fosters community involvement."

-- J. Lisi, MA