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Germs on their Fingers
Grandmother's Alligator
Girl Who Didn't Mind
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About Wendy Wakefield Ferrin

Wendy's titles have been featured at The Kennedy Center's Multicultural Book Festival, the Border Book Festival, as well as at various regional book festivals, on radio talk shows and local TV newscasts.

Here are some fun details about Wendy that you may want to know (answers are at the bottom):

1. Guess what state I was born in?       hint:

2. Guess which of the United States I have lived in so far?

3. What is my least favorite question?

4. What is my most favorite answer?

Wendy and Mia have traveled over 70,000 miles in the past three years!

Lucy Eleanor is my favorite grandchild!

This is my non-profit organization:

I also do work with World Education Group, LLC

EMAIL ME AT - wendy@wendywakefieldferrin.com

Answer to the questions:

1. Maine
2. New Hampshire, Maine, Florida, Louisiana,
    Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia
3. "What age are these books written for?"
4. "What age is an ice cream cone for?"